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Putting People First.....
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  The Complete Experience

- Breathtaking Locations

- Small Friendly Groups

- First Class Accommodation

- Meals At Selected Restaurants

- Photographic Equipment

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            Welcome To Phototours....Some Of The Locations.


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Viaduc des Rochers-Noirs

Vast iron bridge crossing the wild Vallee de la Luzerge.
Constructed 1911-1913 90 metres above the river, an extraordinary suspension bridge for its time. it permitted a small train "le Tacot" to enable deliveries between Tulle and Ussel via Lapleau.

A viewpoint to where one can admire some of the wildest and most beautiful forests in Europe.......

Just a small selection from some of our chosen locations. Tour locations may vary according to the season etc .......


The village where time has stood still.....
June 1944, all but a few of the villages inhabitants were rounded up and massacred by the occupying German troops. You might be forgiven for thinking you had wandered on to a film set, charred remains of everyday objects, shells of abandoned cars and burnt out buildings. After the Liberation, the village was classified as a historic monument to be left untouched as a memorial to the 642 innocent men, women and children who lost their lives......

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Chateau de Sedieres

Located in the commune of Clergoux. A Castle of medieval origin having undergone transformations of Renaissance style, surrounded by gardens, lakes, meadows and forests.

Repurchased by the Conciege General, Corrèze in 1965, it is now a place of congress, art exhibitions and festivals.....

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Collonges la Rouge

Once a well known halt on the Santiago de Compostela pilgrim route, then known as the "Town Of 25 Towers". Most of it's deep-red sandstone buildings date from the XVI century.

Independant of the French Crown until 1730.
Virtually abandoned in the XIX century.

Collonges la Rouge has risen from its ruins to gain a new lease of life in tourism.......

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